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BONEHENGE MUSIC is a sole proprietorship founded by yours truly, John Wolf, in late summer of 1993 as the label for "FIRST LIGHT," the first CD recording of my jazz group, the JOHN WOLF QUARTET

Hopefully, as sales replenish the coffers of BONEHENGE, FIRST LIGHT will be joined by other recordings both by myself and by other musicians and bands.


  • AS OF JANUARY 2010, I HAVE  RELOCATED FROM  ST. LOUIS, Mo., where I lived for 23 years, to the bucolic shores of Cape Cod, Mass.  I am now located in South Wellfleet, Massachusetts, on the Outer Cape, overlooking Blackfish Creek.  I will be performing on Cape Cod, as well as in southeastern Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and elsewhere in the Northeast.  Of course, I plan to visit St. Louis often-I certainly don't plan to forget my great friends and colleagues, and I already miss the great music we all made together there!


  • NEWSFLASH! I miss the great late night jams back in old St. Louis-so-I'm BRINGING A BIT OF ST. LOUIS TO THE SCENE ON THE OUTER CAPE!! From time to time, I will host an evening "potluck" jam session. Bring some food-or not-as you choose, bring your instrument and join in, or bring a big pair of ears and an appetite and enjoy!.....JUST CHECK THE "SCHEDULE" PAGE to find out if there's a jam night coming up.  I'll also notify my Facebook friends, as well.
  • By the way- a little "off-topic," but what the heck-if you happen to be visiting our little corner of paradise, I operate a sailing charter business in the summertime-day trips out in one of the Cape's most beautiful harbors, Wellfleet Harbor-on an 18' Cape Cod-style catboat, one of the truly iconic vessels in our waters.  To find out more, check out POSTCARD HARBOR TOURS.

BONEHENGE MUSIC is also the company under which I operate other aspects of my business, which include:

• SMALL SCALE SOUND REINFORCEMENT, perfect for acoustic, jazz, and blues ensembles, and classical music groups. An eight-channel Samson powered stereo mixer with 500 watts of power, two monitor mixes, on-board digital effects, and quality Samson speakers and Shure microphones get the job done!

• DIGITAL, DIRECT-TO-DAT (DIGITAL AUDIO TAPE) RECORDING, either in my basement studio or on location.

• DIGITAL HARD-DRIVE-BASED MULTI-TRACK RECORDING!!! Using a MacIntosh "Mac Pro" computer, 16-channel Mackie mixer and the incredible DIGIDESIGN 003/PRO-TOOLS LE, I am now able to record up to 16 tracks at a time (total: 64 tracks), mix, master, and produce C-D's, along with excellent color printing and labeling. For those who prefer to record in my studio and do the C-D reproduction and printing elsewhere, I can produce DAT masters, C-D masters, and artwork ready to send to an "online" printshop-all within my basement studio, now located in idyllic South Wellfleet, Mass. on the incomparable outer Cape Cod!

• MUSIC ARRANGING, COMPOSING, AND PUBLISHING, using the excellent FINALE notation program.


Here you will find the contents of the BONEHENGE catalog, complete with downloadable graphics and AUDIO! YES! Feel free to listen to samples of the recordings presented herein, view the graphics, read information on myself and the other performers presented. Then, go to my SECURITY ENCODED ORDER FORM and order whichever products you desire!

While you're here, you can find out more about yours truly, JOHN WOLF, the JOHN WOLF QUARTET and its members. Also, if you're on the Outer Cape or wish to find out where I'm performing outside the Cape Cod area-and who with- peruse my CALENDAR, where you will find out where, and with whom, I am playing. Also, for the latest breaking music and other news, and my views on various subjects which may be of interest, check out the NEWS and VIEWS page.

I left the seminal jump-blues ensemble ROOMFUL OF BLUES at the end of July 1999 for family reasons, and to pursue other projects.  Since then, I've played several shows a year with them, and with the untimely passing of ROOMFUL trumpeter Robert Enos in January of 2008, was asked to perform with ROOMFUL on that year's LEGENDARY BLUES CRUISE, as well as on some other shows.  I will likely perform occasionally with them in the future.  Click on the link above to access their webpage, find out the latest, and find out where they're playing. Previously, BONEHENGE MUSIC produced two St. Louis shows for ROOMFUL, and as soon as I plan one here on the outer Cape, you'll find out about it right here-and you'll be able to buy tickets here, as well!

  • NEWSFLASH!!! Now that my new studio here in Wellfleet is complete, WORK WILL CONTINUE ON NEW C-D'S! I will be mixing the recordings I did with St. Louis guitar master DAVE BLACK and a real find-classically trained, highly creative soprano JESSICA HEUSER.  I hope to finish mixing this spring, in time for a summer release.  I'm also planning to convene the JOHN WOLF QUARTET to rehearse my original material, as well as arrangements of great jazz compositions by JACKIE McLEAN, DUKE ELLINGTON, ARCHIE SHEPP and others.  Personnel will be a mix of new musical colleagues here on Cape Cod along with, hopefully, members of my original QUARTET from St. Louis.   STAY TUNED!!!  And Don't Forget- POTLUCK & JAMMING (see above, and check the SCHEDULE page).


Check out these links to some very worthwhile organizations dedicated to the trombone and its music and performers:



and a great resource, especially for finding information on specific trombonists, instruments, equipment and music,

TROMBONES ONLINE.COM, hosted by Netherlands-based bass trombonist RENEE LAANEN, who has put a great deal of work into this worthwhile effort himself.


For more info on BONEHENGE MUSIC or to book me for performances, email me HERE, phone (508) 214-0176 or fax me at (508) 214-0257.

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Enjoy yourself, and thanks for stopping in!!!

CONTACT INFO: Phone: (508) 214-0176 Fax:(508) 214-0257 e-mail: see below (note-phone numbers below are no longer valid-they'll be gone when I figure out how...)

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