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(updated 2/23/14)


and change is what's happening with me! It's been over four years since I left 23 years in St. Louis behind and moved to Cape Cod.  Currently, I'm performing with STEVE MORGAN AND THE KINGFISH, as well as three great bands on NANTUCKET-COQ AU VIN, EQUINOX and ECLIFF & THE SWING DOGS.  In addition, I perform my customary function as "hired gun," with the CHANDLER TRAVIS PHILHARMONIC, ZOE LEWIS & the BOOTLEGGERS REVUE, and others. 




(updated 2/23/14)


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Note: Viewers of the BONEHENGE website will no doubt find the following somewhat unusual, if not "out of place," given that this is first and foremost a music-oriented site. However, as a musician, and as a human being, I place a very high value on my liberty and am greatly concerned by what I perceive as the increasing loss of that liberty. It comes as no surprise, though it is saddening, that the tragic events of September 11, 2001 are serving certain statist American politicians as a handy excuse to infringe on even more of that liberty; once again, we are being asked to trade more of our freedom for the ILLUSION of safety and security. As BEN FRANKLIN cautioned us over two hundred years ago, THOSE WHO WOULD TRADE ESSENTIAL LIBERTY FOR A LITTLE TEMPORARY SECURITY DESERVE NEITHER LIBERTY NOR SECURITY." An even stronger warning-one which history has borne out time and time again, came from THOMAS JEFFERSON; "A NATION WHOSE PEOPLE TRADE LIBERTY FOR SAFETY DESERVE NEITHER AND WILL LOSE BOTH."

• Though what is expressed in this section will be most pertinent to viewers who live in the U.S.A., residents of other nations who read on may find these musings (and links) quite interesting, and perhaps even pertinent to their own lives and countries.

"Those who would reap the blessings of liberty must, like men, undergo the fatigue of supporting it."

"The government which can give you everything you want can also take everything you have." (Jefferson)

"Government is not reason, it is not eloquence-it is downright force. Like fire, it is a dangerous servant and a fearful master." (Washington)


• Some of the most serious infringements on civil liberties in our history, packaged as the Orwellian-named "PATRIOT ACT," imposed on us in the name of the "war on Terrorism." Imagine-indefinite detention without trial, no attorney access, internet snooping, secret unannounced searches, etc. Sounds like State "terrorism" to me-all in the name of "protecting" us from terrorism!

• Invasion of foreign, sovereign nations to "impose democracy." This of course creates for us a constant state of warfare. We already have troops in a large number of other countries, (one hundred and thirty, according to Presidential candidate Dr. RON PAUL),often in the name of "peacekeeping." Whether under our own auspices or those of the United Nations, this is WRONG! We need to mind our own business, and work on the perfecting of our own Republic. Other nations, if ready and willing, are free to follow our example if they wish. Spread "democracy?" Those who would do so are also at work trying to spread "democracy" here. Pure democracy, folks, is MOB RULE, where your rights are those which the majority feel you should have. In our REPUBLIC, our rights are (in theory, anyway) protected by a CONSTITUTION and a BILL OF RIGHTS. May this ever be so! We don't need to impose "democracy" on unwilling nations in the mideast or elsewhere-we need to throw out the "activist" judges who are subverting our democratic republic by "interpreting" our Constitution and Bill of Rights TO DEATH! We need to stop electing Presidents and Congresspersons who adhere to the evil "globalist" concepts of limiting our liberty to the lowest common world denominator, and who instead honor their oaths of office, and protect the freedom and interests of Americans! We are a generous nation, and will usually help anyone who really needs it-but let's stop IMPOSING our "help" where it is not wanted or respected.

• Warrantless searches and seizures " related" to the "War on Drugs" (in reality a "War" on our civil liberties).

• Seizure and forfeiture of private property with out conviction, trial, or even arrest (again in the name of the "War on Drugs").

• Demonizing of privately owned firearms as the "cause" of violent crime (crime which is in fact largely driven by the black market created by the "War on Drugs).

• Heavily-armed, military-style attacks on private citizens practicing unpopular or "politically incorrect" religions (The Branch Davidians at Waco, Texas) or political beliefs (Randy Weaver & family at Ruby Ridge, Idaho), followed immediately by government obfuscation, lies and cover-ups.

• Raids, sometimes fatal, on private citizens falsely accused of posessing drugs or "illegal" firearms. These raids (and the resultant casualties) occur far more often than reported in the news media.

• The increasing use of "Racial Profiling" by law-enforcement agencies, often resulting in gross injustices and the above-mentioned raids.

• Encroachments on private-property rights, particularly in the Americn West, in the name of "environmentalism." Who would want to be known as "anti-environment?" This evil tendency has been accelerated by last year's "Kelo vs. New London" Supreme Court decision, in which the Court "interpreted" the right to own real property OUT OF THE CONSTITUTION!  Aside from benefiting tax revenues and developers, this undoubtedly was done to facilitate continued construction of the NAFTA Superhighway (oops-we're supposed to call it the "Trans Texas Corridor!).

• The exponential increase in the number of armed Federal agents.

• A combined tax rate (Federal, state, local, sales, property, etc,) now exceeding 50%

• Increasing Federal intrusion into the education and raising of our children.

• The increasing popularity of "unfunded mandates," in which the Federal government takes money from the citizens of the states, and then withholds it from a particular state (often in the form of "highway funds") unless the state passes a law which the Federal government wants it to pass. Example: Missouri has lowered the blood-alcohol level to .08% as per Federal requirements. This was being pushed hard in spite of the fact that whatever problems we have with drunk driving are due to lack of enforcement of EXISTING law. (This is similar to the continual cry for stricter gun laws, in spite of lax enforcement of existing sanctions). Are we starting to see a pattern here? Over the last 7 or 8 years, I have started to become quite concerned by what I see and hear, and what I perceive is happening to our Republic. (By the way, in spite of what the mainstream media keeps hammering into our heads, we are a REPUBLIC, with a CONSTITUTION and a BILL OF RIGHTS which prevent the majority from voting away the rights of the minority; not a DEMOCRACY, which is in its pure form, mob rule)!

• Over a period of years, I have begun to become aware of a larger pattern to what has been happening to our ability to exercise basic civil rights guaranteed us in our Bill of Rights-not just our right to keep and bear arms for defense of self, home and freedom, but our right to be free from unreasonable searches and seizures, our right to not forfeit property without due process of law, our basic right to "pursue happiness."

I would urge you to consider some of the following, and then peruse the links to alternative sources of news provided below. Then, do some research on your own; only a fool would accept or reject an idea or a "fact" without making some effort on one's own to determine accuracy.

Does it seem that we are in a perpetual state of "crisis?" An example would be the "Drug Crisis," which has been with us since about 1907, when the first anti-narcotics laws were passed. A recent newspaper article reported on the signing of a Federal law banning the "Date Rape drug," DST, because "58 people have died..." from ingesting it in the last year or so. Though 58 deaths from any controllable cause is regrettable, it hardly strikes me as a "crisis" calling for the passage of yet another Federal law. (In the same time frame, 80 children under 15 drowned in bathtubs-National Safety Council). Many hundreds of children under 15 die each year from getting into the household chemicals under the kitchen sink; 40 in that age group died from the accidental discharge of a firearm, yet we are harangued constantly that this proves the need to ban guns, or highly restrict their availability. This in spite of the fact that they are used over 2 million times a year to prevent crimes and SAVE lives. The provisions of the 1968 Gun Control Act have yet to save even one life, but have resulted in the criminalization of citizens who had no criminal intent (paperwork violations, etc.). Could another agenda besides crimefighting be at work here?

The seemingly unending nature of our "crises-" drug crisis, gun crisis, health crisis, whatever, is no accident. In the late 19th century, a German philosopher, Friedrich Hegel, came up with what has been termed the Hegelian Dialectic. Basically, this is a method for achieving a desired result without being obvious about it, such as a government's acquisition of more power at the expense of the people's civil liberty. It is a 3-part process; create a crisis (or turn an exisisting problem into a crisis, as we did with drugs at the turn of the century); then, create popular opposition to that crisis, a strong urge on the partof the citizens to "do something-anything!" Finally, come up with a "solution" to the crisis-one which invariably involves requiring or convincing citizens to give up basic rights. This is a favorite technique of tyrants everywhere; Hitler was an avid fan of Hegel's, and practiced Hegel's methodolgy very successfully (for an excellent example, crack your modern history book and read up on the "Reichstag Fire" of 1933). For a long time now, we have been experiencing the results of this diabolical practice.

All very well (assuming that one has basically the same take on history and current events as I do); what does one do about it? One answer-GET INVOLVED. That of course means exercising your right to vote! Not only that, but get involved in the political party of your choice; give yourself a voice in having a meaningful choice when you do vote. Personally, I have very little faith in the two major parties desire to present real choices to us anymore; I have in the past devoted energy to a third party, and help make it a real contender for our hearts and minds. While I have supported candidates of both major parties, and more recently joined the G.O.P. so as to run for delegate in support of 2012 Presidential candidate RON PAUL, I believe that that party is the LIBERTARIAN PARTY. As far as I've been able to tell, it is the only party in the nation which believes, consistently and across the board, in governing according to the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Some basic LIBERTARIAN beliefs:

Limiting the Federal Government to its Constitutionally mandated functions.

Ending our self-imposed role of "world policeman," which has benefitted no one-least of all Americans (with the possible excepton of our oil companies and other multi-national businesses) and has earned us (as we recently learned the hard way) some very dangerous and dedicated enemies.

Ending the INSANITY of the "War on Drugs."

Restoring the primacy of the Bill of Rights, including the Second Article thereof. Ending the tyranny of the Income Tax ("The power to tax is the power to destroy"). It is also, by far, the strongest third party in America, and growing in strength and influence every week. If you are concerned about the gradual loss of liberty and basic civil rights, I strongly urge you to check it out.

I would encourage you to learn more-learn as much as you can, and then draw your own conclusions. This is of course easier to do if you have information. Following are some news sites which I highly recommend; bear in mind that they are NOT associated with the COUNCIL on FOREIGN RELATIONS or other such globalist groups. They are completely independent editorially, and are an excellent way to get the news which you WILL NOT get from the Post Dispatch, the Washington Post, or the New York Times. Following are some sites which I hope you will find informative and thought-provoking. As always, bear in mind that while there is a vast amount of information and opinion on the net, it is up to us to regard it critically, and not accept claims and statements at face value.  Of course, this applies at least as much to the "mainstream" media.  The recent attempt by the F.C.C. to place "watchdogs" in newsrooms around the nation should be a wake up call to all.



Also, some political and advocacy sites:






SECOND AMENDMENT FOUNDATION (National organization based in Bellvue, WA)
S.A.F. has sponsored, contributed to and participated in numerous legal actions in defense of citizens' rights under the Second Article of the Bill of Rights.  They not uncommonly partner with other organizations, such as the N.R.A., who often do not give S.A.F. the credit they are due.  They are well worth contributing to, in my opinion.

the following is, in my opinion, not necessarily the most effective fighter for our rights in this area-they compromise too much for my liking-however, they are a valuable resource, have by far the largest membership (5.5 million and counting) and have the financial muscle to match.  Contrary to the oft-repeated lie that their considerable funds come from the firearm industry, it actually comes from US-the members. Perhaps just as important, the N.R.A. is THE PRIMARY RESOURCE for firearm training, safety training, education and competition:


Here are some anti-drug-war sites:


SAVEHEMP.ORG If you value your freedom, there is much to be done and not much time! So; if you feel the same way I do about all of this, remember:


This page is regularly updated so check back often!

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