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Greetings, folks, and welcome to the JOHN WOLF QUARTET page!

The JOHN WOLF QUARTET was founded in the early summer of 1993, at least partly as a "laboratory" for experimentation with a "non chord-instrument" format, meaning no piano, guitar, or other chord-capable instrument. I have long enjoyed the work of such jazz pioneers as Ornette Coleman, Steve Lacy, Gerry Mulligan, and others who pioneered in writing for and performing with such groups. With the great talent available in the St. Louis area, I felt that finding the musicians capable of partaking in such a venture would not be a problem. I believe I was right.

In the fall of 1993, The JOHN WOLF QUARTET recorded a CD entitled FIRST LIGHT. By clicking on FIRST LIGHT, you can find out more about the recording, view the graphics, and even, if you wish, download AUDIO SAMPLES of the music! You will also find information on how to order your copy of the CD or cassette and the groovy-looking T-shirt! (Oops-shirt no longer available at this time...)Instrumentally, the JOHN WOLF QUARTET as represented on 1993's "First Light" constisted of: 1) Trombone and other low brass : 2) Vocals and Flute: 3) Acoustic Bass: and 4) Drums and Percussion.

Obviously, the Low Brass position was filled by yours truly, and the Flute/Vocals job was handled to perfection by Ms. Margaret Bianchetta. Due to the fluid nature of the music business and the fact that bassists and drummers are always in high demand, the people I used in the QUARTET were subject to "change without notice." However, as represented on our CD "FIRST LIGHT," they were: Eric Markowitz, Bass and Jim Miller, Drums on some cuts and Jim

Greene, Bass and Gary Sykes, Drums on the others.Cut to 2014: Having moved several years ago to the outer shores of Cape Cod, the QUARTET (and trio, quintet, or whatever) will feature a variety of the excellent musical talent we have been blessed with here on the New England coast!

Enjoy yourself, and thanks for stopping in!!!

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